A Note On Social Justice

Dear Quaran-teens,
It is long overdue that our world has conversations about social injustice. As a platform Quaran-teened wants you to know that we stand with you, we fight with you, we hear you, we are with you. This is a place where your voices are heard. Most of you probably don’t know that I am class president at my school, but I wrote a pledge for my class to sign. I believe that the words I had written for my class apply to our community as well. Here is one part of that pledge.

Quaran-teened pledges to stand with the people of color and vow to not stay silent when a member of the community is being targeted or discriminated against. There will be no tolerance for racist behavior. Your voices will be heard. You will not be silenced. In this country, people are dying because of the color of their skin. Our community is a safe place. We can not be a part of the problem, so the only way forward is to be a part of the solution. Our platform wants to be a part of the change. 

If a member of Quaran-teened ever feels like these words are being violated please contact me immediately. Actions will be taken.

Protesting is an essential tool we must use to get the equality we all deserve. We are also still in a global pandemic, so please wear a face mask and wash your hands before and after protests. Some places are getting violent and it is important that you prepare for that as well. Bring milk, goggles, and protective gear in case things do get violent. Thank you for protesting and stay safe. 

Here are some things for you to look at:
(I did not make these - I do not own the rights to these pictures )